Columbus AFB faith services gather to communicate unity through prayer

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jake Jacobsen
  • 14th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs

The 14th Flying Training Wing Chapel staff and members of different faiths gathered June 10, 2020, at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi, to connect in unity and prayer.

The service, held at Columbus AFB’s Freedom Park, was a welcoming place for those in attendance to refuel and refresh in light of the recent events unfolding throughout our country and nation.

“We all deserve some time to express how we feel and what we believe in,” said Father Paul Stewart, Catholic Priest. “Each one of us tried to dig up a lot in our prayers about several different aspects, so even if this is just being communicated to our community, this is our way of saying we are all affected by what is going on and that we must stand together now more than ever.”

The diverse speakers all had a specific area to pray for but with one purpose - to give hope and awareness that everyone matters.

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Bradley Kimble, 14th Flying Training Wing Chaplain, said a prayer for the nation; Father Stewart said a prayer for the Armed Forces; Chaplain (Capt.) Paul Walker, 14th FTW Chaplain, said a prayer for the affected cities; 2nd Lt. Jeremey Schwartz, Jewish Community Lay leader, said a prayer for the town of Columbus; Brandon Campbell, Latter Day Saints Lay leader, said a prayer for Columbus AFB; Chaplain (Capt.) Timmie Henson; 14th FTW Chaplain, said a prayer for individuals affected.

“In this country we need unity more than anything,” Kimble said. “The chaplain staff wanted to let everyone know that we are all struggling with the same thing, so we felt it was vital to give all of our brothers and sisters a chance to come out and pray with us.”

The members that were able to attend this event gathered in accordance to the COVID-19 guidelines for social distancing while still supporting each other during this difficult time.

“When the nation is clearly struggling it makes sense for us to be able to come together and pray for healing,” Walker said.

For anyone not able to attend, the group held a Facebook live event. The prayer service can be viewed on the Columbus AFB Facebook page.