Summer’s almost over, school is about to begin!

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  • Airman & Family Readiness Center
Wow, where did the summer go? It seems like just yesterday when school ended and all our students began their summer break; yet here we are now, about to start another school year!

As always, the first day of school brings with it plenty of angst and anxiety, by both parents and students alike; and Leslie Flynn of the School Liaison Office (SLO) is here to assist! Whether your student attends public or private school, or is taught in a home school, the SLO provides essential information and guidance on K-12 education issues ranging from academics to zoology!

While the SLO may not have an immediate answer, she knows where to go and get it. The SLO works closely with all public and private schools in the area to assist all BLAZE students. A few points to success:

• Be familiar with the school’s student handbook
• Be involved in your student’s school
• Communicate early on to the school regarding any concerns
• Speak to your student regarding proper bus and bus stop activities
• Please be extra careful around bus stops and be alert for the busses as you travel about the local area.
• All schools face a myriad of challenges, such as budget and staffing concerns, implementing Common Core Curriculum Standards, standardized testing, and so on; rest assured they are all committed to providing the best education possible for our students.
• If there are any questions or concerns, please contact your SLO at (662) 434-2792, or via email at In addition, you may follow the Columbus School Liaison Office on Columbus AFB Living Page or connect via the Base App under the Kids icon.

Compulsory School Attendance

The SLO would like to remind parents of the State of Mississippi law governing school attendance particularly as it pertains to families who Home School.

Under the Mississippi Compulsory School Attendance Law, parents and guardians are required to enroll their children in a public, private or home school. This law applies to children who have reached the age of six and have not exceeded the age of 17 by Sept. 1.

Children who have attained or will attain the age of five years on or before Sept. 1 and have enrolled in a full-day public kindergarten will also be under the Compulsory School Attendance Law. Any parent or guardian who fails to comply with the Mississippi compulsory school attendance law may be punished in a court of law. Parents who are teaching their children at home (home school) are required to complete a certificate of enrollment card each school year. You can obtain this card at the Columbus AFB School Liaison Office, located in Building 1114, Suite 7. Mississippi law requires this card to be completed prior to Sept. 15, 2019. Please contact the School Liaison Officer at (662) 434-2792 or via email at: for an appointment to obtain a home school registration card.

Riding the bus

For 23 million students nationwide, the school day begins and ends with a trip on a school bus and here at Columbus Air Force Base, we have fewer than 200 students on any given day riding our school buses.

As the beginning of the school year approaches, please take the time to familiarize your student with the Rules of Conduct for bus riders. The Student Handbook from each of our school districts contains specific guidance and a code of conduct students are to follow. Bus transportation is a privilege extended only to students who display good conduct while preparing to ride, riding or leaving the bus.

Continued disorderly conduct or persistent refusal to submit to the authority of the driver shall be sufficient reason for a student to be denied transportation. Improper conduct of family members which occurs off the school bus will be addressed by installation officials. Additionally, parents should exercise proper judgment when they observe or it is reported to them by their students, whenever improper behavior has occurred on the bus or at the bus stops. Parents should report any bus related concerns immediately to school officials.

The SLO can provide school district points of contact if needed. Parents should not address grievances directly to the other children involved, unless there is an immediate, life-threatening situation. Parents should inform base security for any incident that occurs on the installation. Remember that ONLY Authorized Personnel are allowed to board a school bus. An overview of the proper Rules of Conduct is provided below. Take a moment to review it and convey the contents to your children. Any questions, please contact the SLO, at (662) 434-2792 or via email at:

Rules of Conduct

• Be orderly, quiet and considerate of people and their property in the vicinity of bus stops.
• Be ready when the bus arrives. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before moving toward the bus.
• Bus drivers have the authority to assign seats, give directions, and implement rules for the safe and orderly conduct of students and will report any violations
• Acceptable public behavior will be expected of all bus riders.
• Pass in front rather than behind the bus when crossing the street to or from a bus.
• Do not enter or leave the bus when it is in motion.
• Heads or arms must not be extended from bus windows.
• Avoid eating/drinking on the bus and help keep the bus neat.
• Shouting, fighting, offensive language, or smoking will result in loss of bus privileges.
• Remain seated until the bus stops at your destination.
• Students are required to have parental permission in writing of any changes in regular transportation arrangements.
• Video technology is installed on buses to assist with the security and safety of all.
• Students who violate the regulations can have their bus privileges revoked.
• Unauthorized persons are not permitted on the buses — this includes parents.
• Parents should develop a plan in the event your student misses the bus or the bus fails to show, especially in the case where parent(s) depart the home before the bus arrives.
• Parents who choose to wait with their children (in their vehicles) MUST park opposite of the school bus stop, in order to allow for a direct, unimpeded route to the sto