BX, Commissary parking lot construction project delayed

  • Published
  • 14th Civil Engineer Squadron
Due to a combination of an extremely wet spring, unforeseen conditions of the ground material under the parking lot, and a bad asphalt mix used during the first phase of the project, there will be significant delays to the Base Exchange/Commissary parking lot project completion date. The completed portion of phase one will need to be redone. The asphalt plant had an incorrect equipment setting that caused an improper asphalt mix that has already started failing. The contractor will replace the asphalt completed during phase one after completion of phases two and three.

Phase two has been delayed due to the extremely wet spring and also because the sub-surface ground material has not been able to hold the heavy construction equipment during the paving process. The contractor has hired a soil testing engineering firm to take samples and provide a report that will outline the appropriate way forward. The samples will be taken May 17 in the morning and the 14th Civil Engineer Squadron expects the report to be delivered next week. Once the report is reviewed, 14th CES will provide the contractor with the required solution. The expected completion date of the project is now the end of August.