14th LRS provides effective logistics support for Team BLAZE

  • Published
  • By Airman Hannah Bean
  • 14th Flying Training Wing Public Affairs
The 14th Logistics Readiness Squadron is the one-stop shop for all supplies and equipment at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi.

Their mission is to provide effective logistics support for the wing’s flying training mission.

To do this in an efficient manner, they are split into four flights: Deployment and Distribution, Material Management, Fuels Management and Transportation.

“We are always ready to support the mission,” said Andrew Craddieth, 14th LRS Material Management Flight hazardous material supply technician. “It’s a collective effort. We all work together, we all need each other to make the mission happen.”

The Deployment and Distribution Flight provides overall direction and control of deployments coming out of the wing. They ensure all Airmen are properly trained and medically cleared before signing them off to deploy downrange.

The Fuels Management Flight is responsible for delivering clean, dry fuels and liquid oxygen to the 14th Flying Training Wing and transient aircraft. In 2018, they delivered 10.8 million gallons of fuel to base aircraft.

The Material Management Flight is responsible for receiving, processing, delivering and maintaining all supplies and equipment for the wing.

With the floors of the 14th LRS warehouse recently re-done, warehouse workers are able to work in a better environment, increasing production and morale.

“It gives a whole new meaning to a sense of ownership and having pride in where you work,” said Kenny Hutchinson, 14th LRS Material Management Flight supply technician. “This is an old building, but we can still do things to make it ours.”

The Vehicle Management Flight is responsible for monitoring and maintaining all government vehicles, ensuring they are well maintained. In addition, they keep track of vehicle official use, mileage, rotation and refueling activities.

Through the joint effort of every flight, the 14th LRS supports Team BLAZE in keeping the reputation as one of the busiest student pilot training bases in the Air Force.

“We deliver the best logistical support on time, every time, by fueling, supplying, equipping and transporting the 14th Flying Training Wing,” Hutchinson said.