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14th FTW Safety

Lt. Col. Earl F. Arnold

Contact : 662-434-2522

Email : 14ftw.safety@us.af.mil

The mission of Wing Safety is to preserve the human and material resources of the wing by preventing mishaps.

Wing Safety accomplishes its mission using several processes aimed at the primary objective of preventing mishaps that cause injury or damage to people and resources.

The primary customers are the airman and civilians of Columbus AFB, including military, contractors, retirees, and dependents. In addition, as a staff agency for the wing commander, Wing Safety has the responsibility to keep the commander abreast of the safety climate of the wing and develop and implement safety, risk management, and hazard reduction programs into all on-duty and off-duty operations and activities. Finally, there is a responsibility to AETC headquarters to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and advance the MAJCOM and Air Force safety culture.

The key processes for Wing Safety are primarily aimed at increasing safety awareness throughout the base. The requirement to investigate mishaps stems from a need to identify causes of mishaps and apply trend analysis to reduce the chance for future occurrences. Wing Safety uses Unit Safety Representatives and the Unit Commanders to enhance the effectiveness of their programs. The relationship between these groups is key to a good safety program. Smooth and constant flow of information between all agencies increases awareness and helps in proactive mishap prevention.