14th Student Squadron

Commander: Lt. Col. Jerry Rives

Contact: 662-434-3688
Email: 14stus.cce@us.af.mil

"Train world class pilots and officers"

The 14th Student Squadron ranks as the largest squadron at Columbus AFB, consisting of 21 active duty and 82 civilian permanent party personnel as well as approximately 700 student pilots from 25 different nations. The squadron exercises administrative control and provides daily administrative support for each student at Columbus AFB, ensuring seamless continuity of support through all phases of training. The squadron also maintains primary responsibility for the maintenance and disposition of all student pilot training records at Columbus. Additionally, the 14th Student Squadron conducts the majority of student academic and simulator training, employing 27 aircraft simulators to conduct all syllabus-directed T-1, T-6 and T-38C simulator events while providing classroom instruction in aircraft systems, navigation and employment.