14th Contracting Squadron

Commander : Maj. Craig Miles

Contact : 662-434-7809

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Mission: Provide ethical acquisition solutions, to procure contracted support for Team Blaze.


Our Vision: Create Mission Focused Business Leaders of tomorrow to encourage acquisition innovation for Team Blaze.

The 14th Contracting Squadron (14 CONS) provides unparalleled acquisition support to the 14th Flying Training Wing (14 FTW), a critical link to over 13,500 personnel on Columbus AFB. We exemplify efficiency and competency in daily operations which include the planning, negotiating, awarding and administering of numerous contracts. We deal daily with local and national vendors, and handled over $106 million in contracts during Fiscal Year 2019 alone.

14 CONS is charged with building sound, effective, and educated business advice, ensuring that all contracts are in the best interest of the Air Force and public. Our contracting professionals are divided into three distinct flights, the Base Operating, Support, and Services (BOSS) Flight, the Infrastructure Flight, and the Plans and Programs Flight, which manage and support major acquisitions efficiently.

BOSS Flight:
The Base Operating, Support and Services (BOSS) flight performs contracting duties for mission-essential and quality-of-life commodities and services. The BOSS flight supports every 14 FTW unit, excluding 14th Civil Engineering Squadron (14 CES). Blanket purchase agreements, purchase orders, the Base Network Telecommunication System (BNTS), and General Services Administration delivery orders are expertly handled by this team, providing supplies such as medical equipment, computers, and health services support.


Infrastructure Flight:

The Infrastructure flight is the focal point for the 14 CES's acquisition requirements. Infrastructure is responsible for the planning, awarding, and administering of supports service contracts, base construction, engineering services, and commodity purchases. In addition, the Infrastructure flight is responsible for the Simplified Acquisition Base Engineering Requirements (SABER) contract, which allots funds for base construction efforts. The Infrastructure team allocated $42.3 million during Fiscal Year 2019 to fulfill CE requirements, including the multi-million dollar inside runway repair project.

Plans and Programs Flight:
Plans and Programs Flight maintains the contract writing/award system and information technology while managing the quality assurance program. As an extension to the contracting mission, Plans and Programs manages and provides guidance for the Government Purchase Card Program. The Government Purchase Card Program provides units the ability to efficiently purchase required commodities, construction, and services.

Director of Business Operations (DBO) and Small Business Specialist (SBS): The DBO and SBS acts as the deputy to the 14 CONS commander, handling the daily operation of the squadron. The DBO also supervises the administration of the aircraft maintenance contract on 233 T-6, T-1 and T-38 aircraft. This contract is valued at $288 million, and results in over 55,000 annual training sorties, and over 300 pilot graduates per year.

The DBO/SBS also acts as the liaison between Columbus Air Force Base and local small businesses in order to boost involvement in the surrounding community. They provide outreach to preferred contractors such as Veteran-Owned and Disadvantaged Small Businesses in accordance with Air Force Small Business Office policies.


Commitment to Global Contracting Support:
14 CONS provides emergency contracting operations during global contingency deployments and supports combat missions worldwide. Since 2017, 14 CONS has received a total of fourteen deployment taskings (over 1800 days) to support USSOUTHCOM and Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM.


AETC’s Outstanding Contracting Unit (Small)

October 1, 2018 - September 30, 2019


Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2004
July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2006
July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007
July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2009
July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010
July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

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