14th Comptroller Squadron

Commander : Maj. Avante N. Graves

Contact : (662) 434-7771

Service Portal: https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/SAFFMCSP/portal/SitePages/Home.aspx


"Serve Airmen, Support the Mission and Finance the Fight."

Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Honesty and Flexibility


  • Military, Civilian, travel and relocation pay inquiries
  • MyPay PIN access
  • Separation/retirement payments
  • BAH advances
  • LeaveWeb inquiries
  • Government Travel Card (GTC) inquiries
  • Indebtedness to the government


Comptroller Financial Customer Service
COMM: (662)-434-2705
DSN: 742-2705

Mailing Address
14th Comptroller Squadron
495 Harpe Blvd., Suite 256C
Columbus, MS 39710