14th Security Forces Squadron

Commander: Maj. Kyle Buss


Contact: (662) 434-7112

24/7 Contact: 434-7128

Emergency: 911

Vision Statement: Dedicated, adaptive and battle-ready defenders; committed to excellence throughout the spectrum of military operations.

Mission Statement: Protect, defend and provide police services to enable mission success at home and abroad!

Unit Motto: We Defend ... Day and Night!
The squadron maintains 24-hour law enforcement, security and antiterrorism/force protection for a base community of 10,000 personnel. Responsible for wing resource protection valued at over $340 million, crime prevention, unit security programs and combat arms. Trains and equips 84 personnel in 18 UTCs providing support for contingency and worldwide mobility taskings. Liaison to other AF installations, federal, state and local police agencies.

S1 -- Command Support Staff
The Command Support Staff is responsible for administrative functions of the organization. This section is also responsible for tracking EPR/OPR movement, monitoring GTC activities, creating travel orders, submitting travel vouchers and WOMS/TCO work orders. S1 ensures all documents are reviewed for accuracy and manages all squadron correspondence.

S2 -- Intelligence Flight
The Intelligence Flight is responsible for collecting and disseminating intelligence information to assist commanders in defense planning and force protection. This flight also investigates on-base criminal activity associated with military, civilian and DOD personnel. S2 members collect evidence, conduct interviews and interrogations, process offenders and provide information to commanders to assist in prosecution.

S3 -- Operations & Training Flight
The Operations and Training Flight is responsible for protecting, defending and providing police services for Columbus Air Force Base. This is accomplished through the execution of offensive and defensive integrated defense operations, provost operations to include installation entry control, crime prevention, traffic control, resource protection, limited criminal investigations, motor vehicle accident investigations, response to alarm activations, disasters and emergencies, and military working dog operations. The training section is responsible for training and evaluating all Security Forces members to ensure qualification and proficiency for all duty positions.

S4 -- Resources Flight
The Resources Branch is responsible for the equipping and readiness of home station and deploying forces. This flight provides our Defenders with the best equipment available to ensure they are always prepared to defend and win! S4 consists of an equipment custodian, resource advisor, vehicles NCO, unit deployment manager and combat arms instructors. CA ensures the base populace, as well as all Security Forces members remain, certified on numerous weapons to support the mission at home and abroad.

S5 -- Administration and Reports Flight
The Administration and Reports Flight is responsible for accomplishing the primary administrative functions of the organization to include: processing citations and general correspondence relating to police functions. This flight executes local files checks for security clearances, debarments, revocations of driving privileges, suspension of privileges, crime prevention, physical security, maintaining alarm systems, resource protection, updating and maintaining Security Forces Management Information System (SFMIS) and Installation Access Control to include Defense Biometric Identification Data System (DBIDS) management. S5 is also responsible for maintaining and reviewing all contingency plans affecting Security Forces operations.

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