Office of the Installation Voting Assistance Officer

Installation Voting Assistance Officer: E.J. Griffis, Jr.

Assistant IVAO: James R. Brady

Contact: (662) 434-3680/2927

Location: Airman & Family Readiness Center, Building 1114

MISSION: Provide accurate and nonpartisan voting information assistance to uniformed service members and their voting age dependents, federal civilian employees, and other U.S. citizens who have access to the IVA Office.

Services include but are not limited to: Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)/SF-76; Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB)/SF-186; National Mail Voter Registration Form (NVRF).

In the event you are unable to contact your local IVA Office, 24-hour voting assistance is available from the Air Force Total Force Service Center at: DSN 665-0102, Commercial (210) 565-0102, or Toll Free 1-800-525-0102.