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Default Air Force Logo Weigh your options
Sometimes the job assigned to an Airman doesn't turn out to be the job they expected. Often Airmen seeking a change believe getting out of the Air Force is their only option for a new start. However, there are many opportunities for Airmen looking for a new job. The Air Force provides career assistance advisors to help Airmen in the job search. As
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Default Air Force Logo CAFB Honor Guard needs you
There are so many misconceptions out there regarding the Honor Guard. A couple of these are thinking the Honor Guard is only for Airman, or that if you are on the honor guard, you'll never be at work because of details. Another misconception would be that non-commissioned officers wouldn't have time for it, but they do. The most rewarding
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Default Air Force Logo What the CSAF wants us to know
The primary mission of the BLAZE team here at Columbus AFB, building the World's Best Warriors, Leaders and Professional Military Pilots, dovetails nicely into three things the Chief of Staff of the Air Force wants everyone to know. The following three are the priorities for the USAF: Winning the Global War on Terrorism, Developing Airmen and
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The Columbus Officers' Spouses' Club is the parent organization for the Thrift Shop. Pictured here in front of the Thrift Shop are Sarah Dixon, President of OSC, Patty Johnson, former president, Elizabeth Shoemake, Chairman of the OSC, Zenny Cuomo, Assistant Manager of the Thrift Shop, and Patricia Wilson, Manager of the Thrift Shop. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Airman 1st Class Danielle Powell) Columbus Officer’s Spouses Club: a social, charitable organization
Those of you who are members of, or are familiar with, the Columbus Officer's Spouse Club here at Columbus AFB are probably already aware of the monthly social activities sponsored by the spouses and associated squadrons and groups on base. Activities range from a formal dinner with a beautiful string quartet, to more casual Bunko and Bingo events.
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Eighteen Operation Air Force Cadets spent three weeks at Columbus AFB learning about possible career opportunites the Air Force has to offer them. (U.S. Air Force Photo by Airman 1st Class Danielle Powell) Cadets receive learning experience at CAFB
With a sharp salute to our commander, 18 young cadets, from across the United States, gathered together on a bright Monday morning, for what seemed then to be the beginning of a long three weeks. Lieutenant Col. Daniel Simonsen, the commander of our group, remembers his first impression of the eager faces that stood before him. "As I met these
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